'Richard has surveyed a number of vessels for me, and I must say the advice and the service have been second to none. Had it not been for their professionalism and skill I would have paid good money where I should not. I cannot thank them enough'.

Tom Jones

Pre-Purchase Survey
Jeaneau Fantasia

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'Once again, thank you for your help and professionalism, I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to others'.
Matt Hart

Pre-Purchase Survey
Karnic 2050

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'Thanks for a very professional survey'.
John Trim
Insurance Survey
Albin Vega

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Welcome to Precision Yacht Surveying

Independent Marine Surveyors of Sailing Yachts and Motor Boats

Precision Yacht Surveying are UK independent qualified marine motor boat surveyors. Services include; pre-purchase motor boat surveys, insurance yacht surveys, conducting surveys on wooden hull yachts & superyachts. Helping to make your pre-purchase boat or yacht a safe, hassle free purchase.

My objective is to keep you safe and protect your monetary investment.  I can offer a full range of surveying services, tailored to your needs.

Sailing yachts and motor yachts come in all shapes, sizes with modifications by owners or professionals.  Every boat should be treated as an individual.

I have experience and proficiency in the all types of construction materials. Although most boats are GRP, the work I carry out as a superyachts surveyor and on commercial vessels gives me experience in steel, aluminium and carbon fibre.

A technical survey report based on tangible findings and investigations will be provided.  The survey is a methodical process where each area is systematically assessed.  During the yacht or boat survey we will crawl into every nook and cranny possible and test everything that can be tested.

Although I am based on the South Coast of England I can travel to anywhere in the world.  As a seasoned traveller and I am familiar with popular yachting locations and the best way to get there.

I am a qualified yacht surveyor through the Institute of Marine Surveying and I have professional indemnity insurance and third party liability insurance.


How can we be of Service?

Have you found a used boat you wish to purchase? Pre-purchase Survey

Has your Insurance Company asked for a Survey? Insurance Yacht Survey

Do you require a boat to be valued? Valuation Survey

Do you want to know how much to offer? Valuation Survey

Are you in the process of buying a new boat? Acceptance Survey

Are you in the process of selling a boat? Pre-Sale Inspection

Do you require assistance in finding a boat? Boat Finder Service

Has your boat been damaged or have you damaged another boat? Damage Survey

Do you need bespoke services, such as safety inspection? General Consultancy


Mr Richard Cray Beng (Hons), MIIMS, DipMarSur
Principal Surveyor



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