'Richard has surveyed a number of vessels for me, and I must say the advice and the service have been second to none. Had it not been for their professionalism and skill I would have paid good money where I should not. I cannot thank them enough'.

Tom Jones

Pre-Purchase Survey
Jeaneau Fantasia

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'Once again, thank you for your help and professionalism, I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to others'.
Matt Hart

Pre-Purchase Survey
Karnic 2050

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'Thanks for a very professional survey'.
John Trim
Insurance Survey
Albin Vega

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New Boat Survey - New Vessel Acceptance Surveys

New Vessel Acceptance

I appreciate you have just purchased a new boat and you expect it to be perfect.  But there are often issues that relate to the build quality of the vessel. I personally have conducted acceptance surveys on Super Yachts where there has been a long snagging list and as Surveyors we did to correct those issues. It is very common occurrence that a brand new super yacht returns back to the builder to rectify issues in the next winter season.

The best time to address these is before you take delivery and when the vessel is still under warranty.

Repair Acceptance

In the case where a vessel has been damaged and repair carried out, inspection is advised.  It may be a case of short visit, but if the repair has been done badly it can put the vessel at risk and impact the value of the vessel.  I have inspected repairs where painting had been done outside and the finish was poor, that vessel was put into a paint shop and redone.