'Richard has surveyed a number of vessels for me, and I must say the advice and the service have been second to none. Had it not been for their professionalism and skill I would have paid good money where I should not. I cannot thank them enough'.

Tom Jones

Pre-Purchase Survey
Jeaneau Fantasia

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'Once again, thank you for your help and professionalism, I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to others'.
Matt Hart

Pre-Purchase Survey
Karnic 2050

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'Thanks for a very professional survey'.
John Trim
Insurance Survey
Albin Vega

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Has your boat or yacht been damaged? Need a Yacht Surveyor.

Accidents happen, they always have and always will. In most cases, anything can be fixed, however it needs to be done properly or else the value of vessel will suffer.

The primary objective is to assess the immediate damage as well as resultant damage. A heavy grounding can cause obvious damage to the keel, but also damage to the structure, e.g. in the engine bay.

Therefore it is important to assess the vessel as soon as possible since the extent of the damage may not be known.  This is especially important since the water integrity of the vessel may have been compromised.  In case of a collision, it is also advisable to assess the other boat that has been hit, this will limit any spurious claims.

A technical report will be supplied detailing the actual damage and the remedial actions required.

The repair will often be overseen to ensure that it is done properly.  For example, in the case of a holing of a GRP yacht under the water line, was the cut back GRP sufficiently dried.  Resins will not adhere well if the substrate has a medium to high moisture content.

Damage surveys are normally carried out at an hourly rate.

Damaged yacht