'Richard has surveyed a number of vessels for me, and I must say the advice and the service have been second to none. Had it not been for their professionalism and skill I would have paid good money where I should not. I cannot thank them enough'.

Tom Jones

Pre-Purchase Survey
Jeaneau Fantasia

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'Once again, thank you for your help and professionalism, I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to others'.
Matt Hart

Pre-Purchase Survey
Karnic 2050

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'Thanks for a very professional survey'.
John Trim
Insurance Survey
Albin Vega

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Why Choose Us

I will provide you with the facts to make an informed decision

The report is detailed document backed up by high resolution pictures for clarity.  They say a picture can tell a thousand words, I would agree because what sounds horrific on paper can really not be that bad.  In the case of the pre-purchase survey, if the report is shared with the vendor it leads to straight forward negotiations since issues are clear and substantiated.

The recommendations are categorised into items that need immediate attention, items to be addressed in a certain timescale and issues related to ongoing maintenance.  The recommendations given can be used to break down the cost of repair or planned maintenance.  In many cases the recommendations are used as a work list.

I appreciate the heart can rule the head, that is where the surveyor comes in.    

Investigations are based on tangible facts, we measure and record using the latest testing equipment available

Moisture Meters – I use a two kinds of moisture meters, the Sovereign Quantum and Tramex Skipper.  These are the regarded as the best meters available, are calibrated are used in conjunction for a bench marking.    

Digital Salinity Meter  - If water is found in the bilges it is very important to know where it is from. Often the water is dirty, oily and something you really don’t want to taste.  A digital salinity meter will indicate the level, is it mixture of fresh and sea water.  In the worst case I need to know whether the keel bolts are leaking.

Loos Rig Tension Gauges – The main reason I use tension gauges is that it can indicate the condition of  the standing rigging.  If the standing rigging is under tensioned and there is minimal adjustment left, it can be assumed the rig needs to be changed.  If the rigging is under tensioned it can be hiding issues such as mast compression.

Gas Leak Detector – Despite the fact I am not on the ‘Gas Safe Register’ I like to check for gas leaks. I use a gas detector to check around system for obvious gas leaks.

Digital Multi-meter – Not just for checking batteries, it can be used to check power to peripherals and continuity between stern drives.

I have learnt through first-hand experience

I have been around boats all of my life and have owned a number of different craft, sail and power. Through owning and using these boats I have learnt a great deal and I am always learning. Extended cruising and essentially living onboard for months at a time, means you get to know how everything works and interacts.  A well prepared boat can still have issues, I once had forty gallons of water sloshing around inside the boat through a pipe failure on a calorifier when offshore. By living and breathing these things you cut through the surface.

Surveys are tailored to individual requirement, I am flexible and adaptable.

I will always go out of my way to fit in with you plans, whether it is keeping to a timeline or so you can attend.  I will also take into account what you plans are for the vessel, whether it is for racing or extended cruising I can input.   

I pride myself on being very approachable and available during the survey process and thereafter.

The actual survey is really the first step in many cases.  Once the survey report has been issued, there may be need of further advice.  This could be in terms of over seeing any repair or advising safety equipment depending on cruising aspirations.

I believe I offer great value for money and a real focus on time spent on the vessel.

I normally would spend a day on the vessel - time is required to fully access the vessel  and test the vessels equipment
A clear and concise report is produced based on tangible investigations - photographs of issues are used to aid understanding of an issue
My expertise and experience

I am a Full Member of the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) with Professional Indemnity Insurance
It is true to say that anyone can call themselves a marine surveyor.  I am a full member of a recognised professional body requiring qualifications and continuing professional development.